Audiovisual Materials

European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)
As part of our consortium’s promotion of the EIT Awards 2013 event, we produced a series of video interviews with all of the award nominees. The questions were designed by Ecorys, while the interviews were conducted by our consortium partner, the...
DG Justice, European Commission
As part of a 2014 project for DG Justice, an Ecorys-led consortium was asked to produce two videos on the rights and obligations of international couples in relation to cross-border parental child abduction and child custody. We recognised the...
DG Education and Culture (DG EAC), European Commission
To promote the EU’s new education and culture programmes for 2014-2020, Creative Europe and Erasmus+, an Ecorys-led consortium produced three animated videos. Ecorys oversaw the project, writing the script for the storyboards and coordinating the...
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