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We provide studies, evaluations, and policy analysis in areas ranging from early childhood education and care, to school improvement, VET, and Higher Education reform.

Department for International Development and the Children's Investment Fund Foundation
Ecorys UK along with Dr Lynn Ang (University College London, Institute of Education) have been commissioned to conduct a five-year review of the Early Learning Partnership (ELP), commissioned by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, and DFID....
British Council
Ecorys UK has been commissioned to implement a monitoring and evaluation strategy for the Connecting Classrooms programme, the British Council's flagship international education programme. The Connecting Classrooms programme, which runs from 2015-...
European Commission, DG Education and Culture
European learners are increasingly diverse. There are a growing number of students in Europe’s education systems that are from a minority and/or migrant background, and this is presenting a unique challenge to policy makers at EU, national and local...
Department for Education
£50m was made available for the Summer Schools programme, to help disadvantaged pupils make a successful transition from primary to secondary school though transitional support, catch-up classes, and enrichment. The Department for Education...
DG Education and Culture (DG EAC), European Commission
This study looked at good practice from second chance education across Europe and how it could be incorporated in mainstream education. Lessons from second chance education could help reduce early school leaving and increase educational attainment...
Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS)
LSIS commissioned Ecorys and Primetimers to research emerging models of delivery across the further education sector. The study examined current practice in the sector and reviewed the drivers for change. A guide for governing bodies and senior...
Department for Business Innovation, Skills (BIS)
DLS is aimed at supporting learners aged 19 or over who are facing financial hardship. Ecorys was commissioned by BIS to examine the extent to which DLS was supporting disadvantaged learners, and its impact on their participation in further...
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