Survey of Listed Building and Conservation Area building owners in England

In 2017 Historic England appointed Ecorys UK and Alastair Coey Architects (ACA) to conduct the follow-up to the first comprehensive survey historic property owners across England.

The survey will contribute to Historic England’s work to champion and protect the historic environment and is already referenced in their Heritage and Society 2017 report.

Ecorys designed and conducted a mixed method survey of historic residential properties. More than 1,200 listed building owners and over 250 property owners in Conservation Areas across England responded to the survey.

The results revealed the continued pride owners feel at conserving heritage for the future with most believing that their homes were very important to the character of the local area.

For the first time, the survey showed the potential contribution of residential historic properties to the economy by investigating the commercial activities undertaken at properties. The survey also identified the potential risk to cultural heritage through underinsurance of historic properties. 

Following the publication of the report (available here), two interactive dashboards have been created to accompany the findings from the surveys. The survey data can be explored using the interactive dashboards below. The map on the Listed Buildings dashboard can be used to apply a regional filter (click the area on the map that you wish to filter). To view full screen, use the fullscreen icon located at the bottom right of the dashboard. Hovering over charts and text will reveal additional information.

Listed Buildings Dashboard

Conservation Area Dashboard

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