Independent thematic evaluation of the ILO’s work in post-conflict, fragile and disaster-affected countries


International Labour Organisation (ILO)

Ecorys was commissioned to conduct a thematic evaluation of ILO work in several post-conflict and fragile states. These states included: Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Kenya Lebanon, Liberia, Nepal, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka and Haiti.

The evaluation included a systematic review and case studies of ILO interventions. Ecorys established a baseline and facilitated institutional learning to strengthen ILO’s future action in supporting fragile states. The evaluation found that the ILO’s future work can be strengthened by increasing support for livelihoods and creation of paid employment during the recovery and reconstruction processes. This can be achieved by continuing to work closely with other UN agencies under the ‘Delivering as One’ programme to increase the ILO’s contribution to managing humanitarian crises and an increased field presence to support and empower local communities.

Our recommendations to the ILO included a reconsideration of the label ‘fragile states’, increased focus on gender equality, and adopting progressive approaches such as risk assessments and response measures, context analysis and sustainability plans from the design stage.

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