Support for the Establishment of a Revenue Authority, Swaziland



The objective of this 3-year assignment was to assist Swaziland in the establishment of a semi-autonomous revenue authority to enhance revenue mobilisation and tax administration. The reform of tax administration was seen as a key component of the Government’s broader objective to reduce poverty and improve overall social welfare of its citizens. We provided support to the following:

  • Advising the Commissioner General on tax policy and tax models; tax forecasting and modelling; and strategic and operational planning;
  • Supporting the implementation of VAT;
  • Formulating HR strategy and policy to improve procedures, particularly in relation to recruitment, training and anti-corruption;
  • Recommending procedural and substantive changes to functional assignments;
  • Preparing analytical briefs and in-depth studies on priority areas of action;
  • Providing specialist advice to senior staff involved in tax administration to help them work more efficiently;
  • Developing a tax compliance monitoring framework support with measures to help create awareness among staff and the general public;
  • Assessing the IT requirements for the Revenue Authority, formulating a proposal on the IT equipment required; and assisting in setting up the IT Infrastructure for the Revenue Authority.