Technical Assistance to the Bureau of Customs and Excise, Liberia



Ecorys supported the Bureau of Customs and Excise in Liberia undertake a 2-year, €1m institutional reform programme to build capacity across the organisation. The objective was to improve Customs and Excise operations to increase revenue collection, facilitate legitimate trade, and enhance border security. Using international standards and best practice, the project supported two main areas: 

Building the Capacity of the BCE:

  • Undertaking a comprehensive Training Needs Analysis (TNA).
  • Developing and implementing a capacity building plan based on the TNA.
  • Building the capacity of the BCE Customs Reform Team through training, on-the-job training, knowledge transfer and mentoring.
  • Designing and delivering appropriate training, and the M&E of training.
  • Support the planning, organisation and delivery of any study tours.

Improving Customs and Excise Operations:

  • Reviewing and supporting the implementation of the Modernisation Strategy.
  • Supporting the enforcement, intelligence and investigation functions.
  • Introducing a scheme of control founded on risk-based principles and training.
  • Developing a framework for transition from PSI to a sustainable DI regime.
  • Developing management capacity within the BCE, including management folders.
  • Enhancing professional standards and integrity across the BCE, including the introduction of a Code of Conduct.
  • Assisting with Customs automation, including the implementation of ASYCUDA World and other IT/IS improvements.
  • Supporting HRM improvement and organisational restructuring.