Capacity Building in Economic Planning, Lesotho



This 4-year, €3.5m project built capacity for macroeconomic and financial management, sectoral planning, and economic and socio-economic development planning in the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP).

This involved the following activities:

  • Supporting budgeting reforms and the introduction of an Medium Term Expenditure Framework, including the development of a macroeconomic model;
  • MFDP institutional strengthening and enhancing the MFDP Planning Framework;
  • Training Needs Assessment for the MFDP, followed by the development and delivery of a training programme for Planning Cadre and Budget officers;
  • Development and implementation of a MFDP Strategic Development Plan;
  • Improving the performance of the Bureau of Statistics, focusing on core activities, such as supporting macro- and socioeconomic planning;
  • Population modelling and manpower planning.