Evaluation of the International Citizen Service (ICS)


Department for International Development (DFID)

As part of DFID's commitment to the Millennium Development Goals, the ICS programme enables young people from the UK to work with young people overseas to promote their personal development and equip them to be future leaders. It also contributes towards tackling unemployment, poor access to schooling, poverty, adolescent pregnancy and HIV infection in disadvantaged communities across the developing world.

UK volunteers are encouraged to become genuine 'global citizens', actively committed to volunteering and further social action on their return.

Ecorys were commissioned by DFID to undertake a 3-year programme evaluation of ICS, working closely with the delivery partners involved led by Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO).

The research involves the development and testing of the ICS theory of change (using Contribution Analysis), M&E capacity-building for partner agencies and volunteers, analysis of KPI data, pre and post-placement surveys of volunteers and host organisations, in-country case studies, and Value for Money assessment. 

The Mid-Term evaluation report can be found here.

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