Strengthening Public Investment Management, Bangladesh


World Bank

This €1.1 million project provided support to the Bangladesh Planning Commission to improve the preparation of multiyear public investment programmes.

This was done though two main areas of support:
i) reviewing and revising guidelines for public investment project formulation, appraisal and approval; and
ii) building capacity for public investment financial management, including the formulation and execution of a multi-year budget for capital expenditure.

Specific outputs were:

  • Strengthened public investment appraisal and approval mechanisms;
  • Improved budget classification and systems;
  • The introduction of multi-year public investment budgeting;
  • Improved capacity for public investment project monitoring and evaluation;
  • Studies and policy notes on public investment management issues;
  • Knowledge dissemination and exchange.

The project started in December 2012 and finished in April 2014.