Technical Assistance to the Agriculture and Food Security Sector, Malawi



Ecorys are providing long term technical assistance to the Agriculture and Food Security sector in Malawi, through the NAO Support Unit.

The primary purpose of the project is to strengthen the capacity of the Agriculture and Food Security Sector Team in the formulation, implementation, monitoring and coordination of programmes and projects in the Agriculture and Food Security sector.

Ecorys is providing the following types of services:

  • Technical/advisory support in relation to agriculture and food security;
  • Support towards contracting and procurement, monitoring, and financial management¬† of sector-level projects/programmes;
  • Support towards strengthening reporting structures and procedures;
  • Supporting monitoring missions;
  • Aid planning, programming and coordination;
  • Training needs assessment and preparation of training programme;
  • Delivery of training programme;
  • On-the-job monitoring and capacity building support; and
  • Ensuring sustainability of capacity building and training.