CANparent Classes and Advice Network


Department for Education

CANParent (Classes and Advice Network) is a two-year DfE funded trial aimed at stimulating the market for parenting classes in England. Aimed at parents of 0-5 year olds in three trial areas, the programme uses vouchers distributed to parents to enable them to access a choice of parenting classes in their area.

More than 2,500 parents have accessed classes so far over the two years, and the trial has moved to DH to continue for a third year. Ecorys leads a consortium providing full programme management and local support activity to the DfE, working alongside parenting UK and Orion Security Print.

The Ecorys consortium oversaw voucher design and distribution, provider payments, monitoring and QA, project ICT and website as well as overseeing local teams in the trial areas who promoted the scheme to parents and stakeholders.

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