Year One Report: Implementing LTTA to Liberia Revenue Authority Customs Department

Ecorys has finalised its Year One report for the implementation phase of our work in support of Liberia’s Customs Department, which began in July 2016. The European Commission Funded project is committed to providing Long Term Technical Assistance to the Liberia Revenue Authority Customs Department up until 2018. 

This technical assistance aims to:

  • Facilitate international and regional trade.
  • Increase revenue from customs operations.
  • Enhance staff skills within customs management. 
  • Improve overall accountability, transparency, effectiveness and efficiency of customs operations and management in Liberia. 

This will essentially be achieved by increasing revenue collection nationally, as well as strengthening the capacity for anti-smuggling and enhanced trade facilitation.

In this past year, successes have included:

  • Delivery of a Customs Department Modernisation Plan, including the roles, responsibilities, work plan and management tools for the Customs Modernisation Unit.
  • Delivery of a special revenue enhancement initiative at the Freeport, and a study on revenue leakage.
  • Support to the Training and Development Unit, including developing a strategy and management structure.
  • Numerous training courses designed and delivered, covering: leadership, management folders, risk registers, GATT valuation, classification and rules of origin, training of trainers, intelligence management, cargo examination, management, and report writing.
  • Delivery of a Single Window strategy and road map.
  • Delivery of intelligence management guidelines and an Enforcement Handbook.
  • Development of a plan for the establishment of a ‘Centre of Excellence’ at Monrovia’s Freeport, for further delivery during Year Two.
  • Significant wider technical advice and on the job support provided across the Customs Department. 

The project is delivered by the core team of Long Term Key Experts, consisting of Peter Bennett, Brian Glancy, Graham Main, and Bill Eliasson, alongside the support of short term Non Key Experts.

For more information on the LTTA Customs Programme, please contact:

Amy Weaving, Project Manager or Charis Reid, Assistant Project Manager.