Ecorys UK shortlisted for industry communication and marketing awards

Ecorys, a leading international research & consultancy company, has been shortlisted for several prestigious awards in the communications and marketing industry.

Ecorys UK has been nominated for two award categories in the UK Public Sector Communications Awards - Public Spirited Agency of the Year and Consultation of the Year. The UK Public Sector Communications Awards celebrate and reward excellent communication strategies and campaigns, teams and individuals in local and national government, emergency services and not-for-profit bodies from across the UK.

For the Public Spirited Agency of the Year entry, Ecorys UK highlighted its vision is to help public sector clients at local, national and European governments, NGOs and charities meet society’s key challenges. One example of this was Ecorys’ engaging communications campaign with the DG Justice of the European Commission to help raise awareness of LGBTI issues and bring a positive change in perception of the community.

Ecorys recognised the sensitivity of the campaign, and adopted an open, authentic and supportive tone that appealed not only to people's reasoning but also to their emotions and values, working with experts with a deep understanding of LGBTI issues.

For the Consultation of the Year entry, Ecorys highlighted the New Narrative for Europe (NNFE) website as a vital part of the campaign for providing an open space for young people to engage in debate around key topics. Topic areas focused on the Environment, Youth Unemployment, How the EU works, and Freedom of movement and Security. These consultations not only helped young citizens to build their knowledge in an interactive way, but since the launch of the campaign in August 2016, the NNFE website has had over 40,000 visitors and 562 comments.

In addition, Ecorys UK was shortlisted by the Digital Communications Awards for the Institutions category, which rate outstanding online projects and campaigns from across Europe. For this entry, Ecorys presented the European Vocational Skills Week campaign for the European Commission to change the perception of vocational education and training (VET).

The campaign focused on encouraging organisations to co-own the campaign by hosting their own national, regional and local events across Europe. The integrated campaign put the message in the hands of the audience under the slogan ‘Discover your talent!’ Trending on Twitter for 18 hours, #EUVocationalSkills reached 8.9 million across Europe.

Visit the Ecorys UK website to learn more or contact Karen Hayer for further information.