Ecorys UK report on ILO’s work in post-conflict, fragile and disaster-affected countries published

An Ecorys UK evaluation report containing recommendations for the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and its work within post-conflict, disaster-affected and fragile countries has been published.

Ecorys UK was commissioned by the ILO to evaluate its work in post-conflict, disaster-affected countries and fragile states, and examine the ILO’s plans for future work with other UN organisations.

Countries covered by the evaluation were: Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Haiti, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Lebanon and Nepal.

 The report uncovered several key findings, including:

  • The ILO has worked extensively in all of the eleven countries
  • Support to livelihoods has been carried out in only a few countries
  • The ILO’s interventions have generally produced the expected and desired outcomes and impacts
  • The ILO could play an important role in the array of the humanitarian response
  • The ILO has often worked closely with other UN agencies in managing humanitarian crises.

We also provided the following recommendations:

  • The ILO should continue to actively develop and support social dialogue
  • The ILO should reconsider the label of ‘fragile states’
  • Support the sustainability of ILO interventions by adopting progressive approaches that include risk assessment and response measures, context analysis and sustainability plans from the design stage
  • Consider enforcing a field security and risk management policy in order to reduce risk-adverse behaviour of ILO staff and increase the chances of sourcing staff with the required skills
  • There should be a greater focus on gender equality
  • The ILO should be able to rely more often on a specific budget or fund for actions in fragile states.

The full report can be accessed from the ILO website by clicking here.

For more information contact Maurizio Curtarelli.