Ecorys supports GO Lab to develop global knowledge platform for impact bonds

Ecorys is part of a consortium, led by GO Lab, to develop an innovative online knowledge hub to provide information and learning on impact bonds and outcomes-based instruments in low and middle-income countries.

In the UK, the GO Lab has already established a comprehensive knowledge hub for social impact bonds. The consortium will build on this expertise and that of other key partners in the field to develop further knowledge and support resources. Ecorys is one of the world leaders in impact bond research and are currently evaluating 42 impact bonds, including four development impact bonds.

In recent years, impact bonds have emerged as a tool with potential to respond to financing, accountability and implementation challenges by creating new partnerships between governments, donors, delivery partners and investors. As the field has developed, however, learning, recommendations, and practical experiences have become loosely held in a diffused network of actors within an emergent ‘impact bond marketplace’. A sector-wide approach to learning and knowledge sharing is called for.

If you are currently developing impact bond approaches or are interested to do so in the future, the consortium would like to know what information would best help you, and how an online knowledge platform could be designed to cater to your needs. Take the survey here