Ecorys to evaluate Regional Adoption Agencies in England

Ecorys and the University of Bristol are to evaluate Regional Adoption Agencies (RAAs) for the Department for Education.

Over three years, the evaluation will assess whether these new structures have improved adoption services in England. In particular, the government has required examination of whether improvements are being made in the matching of adopters and children, whether this matching is happening faster, and whether the quality of support is improving.

In order to evaluate this policy, Ecorys and the Hadley Centre at the University of Bristol will conduct annual interviews with local authorities and voluntary adoption agencies involved in RAAs. In addition, the study will engage with organisations not currently part of RAA projects, national stakeholders and adopters. National adoption datasets and financial data will also be reviewed.

“We are delighted to have been asked to evaluate this important public service,” James Ronicle of Ecorys’ Policy and Research team said. “Ecorys has a great deal of expertise in this sort of pragmatic policy assessment, and together with the Adoption expertise at the Hadley Centre we look forward to providing a rigorous assessment of the RAAs’ policy impact.”

More information can be found on the Department’s website here.

For more information please contact Rachel Blades in Ecorys’ Policy and Research team.