Our story

Ecorys UK started life as a spin off from Aston University in Birmingham. Senior researchers Frank Joyce and Hugh Williams knew that rigorous research and consultancy had value in the wider world and set out to realise their vision of a new type of research-led company. In 1982 they founded Ecotec Research & Consulting, a company with a geographic focus not only in the UK but in the wider European Union.

In 2000 Ecotec Research & Consulting joined forces with two leading companies from the Netherlands, the Netherlands Economic Institute (NEI) and Kolpron, with a similarly strong history of quality research and consulting going back more than eight decades. An early director of NEI, Jan Tinbergen, received the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1969. The new group of companies was renamed Ecorys and in 2010 Ecotec Research & Consulting became Ecorys UK.

Today Ecorys UK is part of a truly global group working in more than 100 countries. For more information on the Ecorys group visit www.ecorys.com.